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Occoquan Regional Park

Brickyard 5k

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Host your next 5k race, team-building session, corporate event or fundraiser at the Occoquan Brickyard 5k race course! Located at Occoquan Regional Park in Lorton, this paved, pedestrian-dedicated track is perfect for any race, large or small, and offers varying terrain with beautiful views of nature and the Occoquan River. 

The Brickyard 5k is located in the newly renovated Occoquan Regional Park. In addition to the paved race course, the park also offers several large picnic shelters, perfect for pre-race or post-race activities. The park also features 8 batting cages for both individual and team use, kayak and paddleboard rentals and opportunities for shoreline fishing. The park is also home to Brickmakers Cafe where racers can enjoy a post-event meal! Get started now - call Occoquan Regional Park today and book your next great race!

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