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Brickmakers Cafe at Occoquan

Enjoy casual fare with breathtaking views of the Occoquan River

Brickmakers Café is a casual waterfront dining experience. Come sit by the water and enjoy lunch or dinner featuring fresh, local favorites. Don’t forget to check out our special brunch menu, too!

Named for the brick kilns that used to the line the riverbank, these beehive brick kilns produced the brick used to build many of the structures in Washington D.C.

One beehive brick kiln remains at the park, serving as a reminder of the rich history of the area.

Opening Hours

Monday-Saturday 11 am to 8 pm
Sunday 10 am to 8 pm


Brickmakers Upcoming Event Schedule

Brickmakers Cafe has a great array of events and menus for you to enjoy this summer! Here's a look at some of the promotions and opportunities over the next three months!


July 2018​

  • July 15th – Brunch (10am to 4pm)
  • July 22nd – Brunch (10am to 4pm)
  • July 23rd through 27th – featured seafood specials in addition to the regular menu (11am to 5pm)
  • July 29th – Brunch (10am to 4pm)

August 2018

  • August 5th – Brunch (10am to 4pm)
  • August 6th through 10th – featured BBQ specials in addition to the regular menu (11am to 5pm)
  • August 12th – Brunch (10am to 4pm)
  • August 19th – Brunch (10am to 4pm)
  • August 20th through 24th – featured taco specials in addition to the regular menu (11am to 5pm)
  • August 26th – Brunch (10am to 4pm)


Brickmakers Cafe
9751 Ox Rd
Lorton, VA 22079
United States

T 703-359-4610

Manager: Bobby Clark


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