1. What is the height requirement for the Tower Slides? The height requirement for Volcano Island’s tower slides is 48 inches. This is strictly enforced. For example, a 47.5” tall child, or adult, will not be able to ride. If a child, or adult, can walk under our 48” stick without their forehead hitting the bar (with flat feet) they will not ride.

  2. Do you allow outside food or drink? In general, we do not allow any outside food in any of our waterpark facilities at Nova Parks. The only exceptions are for water and baby food, which are permitted when entering the waterpark. Outside food and drink are welcome in the picnic areas outside the facility, and free re-entry is permitted.


  3. How do I exit out of the waterpark? The only entrance and exit to/from the waterpark (other than in emergency situations) are through the locker rooms. The locker rooms are to the left and right of the first aid station in the main building.


  4. Where are your food concessions located? Our concessions are in Paradise Café, which is within the green building adjacent to the Downpour pool area.


  5. Who certifies your lifeguards? NOVA Parks’ lifeguards are proudly trained and certified by world-renowned Jeff Ellis and Associates, Inc. (E&A) and Volcano Island has been awarded group medals of achievement for exemplary performance in random audits throughout the summer season for all five years that we have been under E&A regulation.


  6. Why are there mannequins in the water sometimes? Mannequins/dummies or silhouettes are used for simulation exercises to audit our lifeguards. While every emergency response activation by our lifeguards is responded to the same way, it is not uncommon for a “save” you witness to actually be a training exercise on any given day.


  7. Can I access the waterpark from the waterpark shelter area? The only entrance to our waterpark is through the main building entrance and locker rooms. Guests who book the waterpark shelter will have to walk around the facility to enter the waterpark through the main entrance.


  8. Is waterpark admission included in the waterpark shelter reservation? Reserving the waterpark shelter on the weekend does require the purchase of 50 admissions to the waterpark, at $12 each. If you are a group larger than 20 people, and it is a weekday (non-holiday), we can also accommodate group rates for you and your guests.


  9. Is there a “Dog Day” at Volcano Island? Unfortunately, due to complicating factors, the dog days of Volcano Island have been retired to yester years. While a dog on a leash is welcome throughout Algonkian Regional Park, they must always remain outside the waterpark facility.


  10. Can I leave the park and come back in? Yes. If you leave the waterpark and plan to return, please tell an admission’s attendant and your hand will be marked for re-entry.


  11. Does Volcano Island provide towels? No. Towels are for sale in the admission’s building, but none are available to be lent.


  12. Does Volcano Island provide lifejackets? Yes. Life jackets are located outside on a rack between the entrance to the men’s locker room and the entrance to Downpour. We have all sizes, from infant to XL, and a lifeguard will be happy to assist you in getting your or your child’s size right. Life jackets must always be worn properly, or not used at all. Life jackets must be the proper size, or you will be asked to exit the water and swap it out when the wrong size is detected by lifeguards or supervisory staff.


  13. Is mini golf included with admission? No. Standard admission does not include mini golf; however, an all facility pass, available on non-holiday weekdays, includes waterpark admission and a round of mini golf. Further, purchasing waterpark admission on any day entitles you to 40% ($2) off each $5 round of mini golf.


  14. Are babies admitted for free? Any child two (2) years of age or younger is admitted free of charge.


  15. If I’m not going to get in the water, only supervise my children, can I be admitted for free? No. The waterpark admission fee is an entry fee required regardless of intent of activity upon entry. The only exception is for groups, where one (1) adult is permitted for free per ten (10) children, and birthday parties, where one (1) adult is permitted for free per party attendee.


  16. What is the capacity of Volcano Island? Our capacity is 850 individuals.


  17. Can I go down a slide with a lifejacket? The only slides that life jackets are permitted on are the wave slide in downpour and the volcanic rock slide in the shallow end of the main pool. Lifejackets nor goggles nor necklaces nor bracelets nor earrings are permitted on the tower slides. If you require a life jacket or goggles to swim, you should not be riding these slides. The tower slides drop you into 4 feet of water and are only for strong swimmers.


  18. Can a parent catch their child at the bottom of a slide? Again, this rule differs along the same slide groupings as above. For the Tower slides, the water entry point is a restricted zone for all swimmers but the single individual going down the slide. A parent may not be in the restricted area to “catch” their child at any time. The red & yellow tower slides are intended for strong swimmers, who can reach the ladder unassisted, only!


  19. How can I comment on the good or bad experience that I had while at Volcano Island? Guests are encouraged to leave feedback via feedback forms that are available at the admissions table. These feedback forms are used by Island management to improve guest experience and reward outstanding service by our guards/attendants.


  20. Can I purchase my ticket ahead of time? Only non-holiday weekday groups can reserve tickets ahead of time. All other patrons may only purchase tickets upon arrival to Volcano Island.


  21. Do you accept Apple Pay? As of the beginning of the 2024 season, Volcano Island accepts “tap to pay” at all registers.


  22. Do cottage guests get free admission to the waterpark? Yes, if you are currently renting one of our cottages, you can join us at Volcano Island every day of your stay, free of charge.

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