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Potomac Overlook Regional Park

Girl Scout Programs


NOVA Parks offers a variety of programs designed to help your girl scout achieve a wide range of badges for daisies all the way up to cadets! Badge programs are currently available at three different locations, with more being added all the time! 

For more information and to book your program, contact us at or 703-528-5406.



Eco Learner
This program will teach scouts the basics of being kind to nature and the basic principles around not leaving a trace while spending time in protected spaces. We will start with going through what everyone needs to be prepared for your adventures and what steps we can take to keep living things safe. The program will include a hike on one of the trails where we will participate in activities that will include searches for local wildlife, identification of local and non-native plants, and instructions on how to safely remove trash from natural spaces. Min of one adult per ten scouts.


Letterboxing is a scavenger hunt style adventure that takes you to interesting locations all over the world solving clues and searching for hidden treasures. Participants will learn what exactly Letterboxing is and how it differs from Geocaching, where to find the clues, how to decipher them and receive hints on what to look for. Then off on an adventure around the park to find the boxes hidden here. Participants will also get a chance to carve their own personal stamp and receive an introductory logbook.  Min of one adult per ten scouts.

Animal Habitat

Animal Habitat
Scouts will get a tour of the James I. Mayer Center for Environmental Education and introduced to all of the native species of animals which are on display and meet a few up close. Then out on the trails, participants will identify different types of homes for different local fauna and then the challenge to build a small home to keep a critter safe and dry. The program will wrap up with a hike to look for habitats that might be considered endangered and discuss what we can do to protect them.  Min of one adult per ten scouts.


Trees Girl Scout Program

First, participants will review the basic make up of a tree and how each part functions and discuss the relationship the humans have with tree. Next we will learn more about the differences between the different tree here at Potomac Overlook and while the scouts create their own take-home tree identification guide.

For more information and to book your program, contact us at or 703-528-5406.


GIRL SCOUT PROGRAM Price min (10 scouts or less) Price per scout (11 or more scouts)

All Program Topics (except Letterboxing)


$75.00 per hour

$25 per extra half hour


$7.00 per scout



$100.00 per 1.5 hour program


$10.00 per scout