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Potomac Overlook Regional Park

Girl Scout Programs

Three girls by a tree

NOVA Parks offers a variety of programs designed to help your girl scout achieve a wide range of badges for daisies all the way up to cadets! Badge programs are currently available at three different locations, with more being added all the time! 

No longer accepting reservations for Spring 2023 Girl Scout programs. Reservations for Fall 2023 are now being accepted.

For more information and to book your program, contact us at or 703-528-5406.


Daisy Scouts at EcoLearner program

Eco Learner
This program will teach scouts the basics of what you need to be prepared when exploring natural spaces, identifying natural vs. man-made objects, and how they can help to protect their local protected spaces. Scouts will participate in a variety of activities including a nature-based memory game, scavenger hunt, and they will get a chance to meet our resident Raptors at the Birds of Prey enclosure. Min of one adult per ten scouts.

Brownies at Letterboxing program

Letterboxing is a scavenger hunt style adventure that takes you to interesting locations all over the world solving clues and searching for hidden treasures. Participants will learn what exactly Letterboxing is and how it differs from Geocaching, where to find the clues, how to decipher them and receive hints on what to look for. Then off on an adventure around the park to find the boxes hidden here. Participants will also get a chance to carve their own personal stamp to take home and use on future Letterboxing adventures.  Min of two adults per ten scouts.


Animal Habitat
Scouts start off with an activity focused on the needs of all living things while meeting a few of the native wildlife species that call Potomac Overlook home. Next, they will learn more about a specific animal’s needs and search the park for the perfect habitat for them. To wrap up the program, scouts will participate in a mini scavenger hunt to learn more about population decline or our native pollinator species in the Organic Vegetable Garden and what they can do to help. Min of one adult per ten scouts.

Three girls by a tree

First, participants will review the basic make up of a tree and how each part functions and discuss the relationship the humans have with tree. Next, we will learn more about the differences between the different trees here at Potomac Overlook while the scouts create their own take-home tree identification guide. Min of one adult per ten scouts.

Junior girl scouts with buckets and rocks by a stream

Rock The Park
The program combines a little bit of Geology with a painting class. Scouts will learn more about the three different types of rocks, the rock cycle and erosion. Then off for a hike to collect the perfect rocks to paint and take home or leave in a public place to brighten someone’s day! Min of one adult per ten scouts.

Two girls taking photo of flowers

Nature Photography
This program beginning with instruction on the top ten tricks for taking great digital photos in the outdoors. The scouts will then try to identify these tricks in a sample of amateur-professionally taken photos. With cameras/phones/tablets in hand, the scouts are sent off in the park to try to complete a nature photo scavenger hunt while using their new skills to make their photos more interesting. Min of one adult per ten scouts.

For more information and to book your program, contact us at or 703-528-5406.


  Price min (10 scouts or less) Price per scout (11 or more scouts)

1 Hour


$7.00 per scout

1 1/2 Hours


$10.00 per scout

Can You Conquer Climb UPton?

Can you conquer 90 elements in 90 minutes? Overcome new challenges each time you climb! Climb UPton is now open Wednesdays-Fridays starting at 4 p.m. and weekends 10 a.m.-9 p.m.