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Potomac Overlook Regional Park

Environmental Interpretive Series: Virginia's Native Birds of Prey

Virginia's Native Birds of Prey

Thanks in part to its great diversity of habitats ranging from coastal beaches to mountaintops, Virginia is home to 20 species of raptors, which are commonly known as birds of prey.

You might see the following raptors here in Virginia.

Owls With Ear Tufts:

-Great Horned Owl

-Short-eared Owl

-Eastern Screech Owl

-Long-eared Owl

Owls Without Ear Tufts:

-Barred Owl

-Barn Owl

-Saw-whet Owl


-Red-shouldered Hawk

-Red-tailed Hawk

-Broad-winged Hawk


-Cooper's Hawk

-Sharp-shinned Hawk


-Northern Harrier


-North American Kestrel


-Peregrine Falcon


-Golden Eagle

-Bald Eagle


-Turkey Vulture

-Black Vulture

Note: Vultures are not raptors. However, they are included on this list because they are sometimes mistaken for raptors, such as hawks and eagles.

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