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Adopt An Animal

Adopt and animal images snake turtle hawk frog owl turtle

Love the animals at the nature center like we do?  You can sponsor them through our popular Adopt an Animal Campaign!  It’s a great way for you or a loved one to feel closer to an animal of your choosing while supporting their ongoing care. 

How the campaign works:

For just $50.00, you can symbolically “adopt” one of the animals at the nature center.  In return, you will receive a plush of that animal, a personalized “Thank-You!” card from your adopted critter with a photo of them, and the name of the person the adoption was made for will be displayed at the nature center for 6 months as a certified sponsor!  All proceeds from your sponsorship go towards food, medicine, and enclosure upkeep for our animals.  A great gift for any nature lover!

How to make an adoption:

To submit an adoption request, either speak to a staff member at the front desk of our park’s nature center or email us at If submitting a request by email, please be sure to include the following information:

  • Your first and last name.
  • First and last name of the person the adoption is for (if for another person such as a child, friend, family member, etc.)
  • Your contact information (phone number, email address, and the mailing address we will send the “Thank-You” card to).

The animals that can be sponsored often change seasonally / depending on availability, so keep an eye out for new additions!  Our staff will let you know which animals are adoptable at the time of your request.