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Carlyle GS

NOVA Parks offers a variety of programs designed to help your girl scout achieve a wide range of badges for daisies all the way up to cadets! Badge programs are currently available at three different locations, with more being added all the time! 


For all Girl Scout programs: We require at least one adult chaperone per 10 students. Adults must stay on site for the duration of the program. Carlyle House does not provide the physical Girl Scout badges which must be purchased thorough the Girl Scouts directly.


Playing the Past

Who lived at Carlyle House in the past? What would it have been like to be John Carlyle’s daughters Sarah and Anne? Explore the house and discover what kinds of things girls wore, what kind of games they played and what they learned in school. By completing this program, scouts will have earned the Playing the Past Badge.


Designed in the 18th century style, the Carlyle House garden features researched plant materials which would have been available to John Carlyle during his occupancy. Scouts will explore the garden and learn how colonists used gardens in everyday life. By completing this program, scouts will have earned the Flowers Badge.


Something is amiss at the Mansion House! Mr. Green has come home and discovered some of the rooms are in disarray. Scouts will discover what is missing, learn some techniques used by detectives, and then try to find the missing objects throughout the Mansion House. By completing this program scouts will have earned the Detective Badge.



Letterboxing is a scavenger hunt style, real-life adventure that can take you all over the world solving clues and searching for hidden treasures. Participants will learn what exactly Letterboxing is and how it differs from Geocaching, where to find the clues, how to decipher them. Then off on an adventure around the park to find the boxes hidden here. Participants will also get a chance to make their own personal stamp. By completing this program scouts will have earned the Letterboxer Badge.


Math in Nature 1: Shapes in Nature

Scouts learn about nature and patterns in the natural world, create a tally chart counting the shapes that they see, make their own touchable pattern, and then make a nature inspired craft to take home. By completing this program scouts will have earned the Shapes in Nature Badge. Shapes in nature is the first in the Math in Nature Series. It is followed by the Numbers in Nature and Design with Nature badges.

If you would like to book a program, please fill out the Girl Scout Program Request Form.

For more information and to book your program, contact us at or 703-549-2997


Price min (10 scouts or less)
Price per scout (11 or more scouts)

1 Hour


$75.00 per hour


$7.00 per scout

1 1/2 Hours


$10.00 per scout