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Bull Run Occoquan Trail

Mountain Biking

Cycling at the BROT

Mountain bikes are permitted on the Bull Run Occoquan Trail from Fountainhead to Bull Run Marina ONLY. Cyclists should yield to BOTH hikers and equestrian users. All trails are natural surface, single track or double track featuring: rocks, roots, logs, loose sand, ledges, steep climbs/descents and narrow bridges.

Trail features may be considered ADVANCED with unavoidable obstacles and ledges (some greater than 12-inches tall), un-railed bridges 12-inches or wider, rock gardens and unavoidable technical features present (some greater than 36-inches tall). 

Hours & Closures

Cycling on the Bull Run Occoquan Trail is available from dawn until dusk daily, however, weather conditions as well as general trail conditions can affect mountain biking availability. Closures are thus in accordance with the mountain biking trails at Fountainhead Regional Park - if the biking trails at Fountainhead are closed, cycling on the BROT is closed as well.