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Algonkian Regional Park

Things to do

Boat Launch

Algonkian’s boat launch is an excellent entry point to explore the Potomac River in nearly any kind of boat - including kayaks, canoes and jon boats, as well as powered boats launched from trailers.


Classic Birthday Party

Algonkian Regional Park is a great place to host your Classic Birthday Party in our exclusive Parrot Pavilion! 

Enjoy our exclusive birthday party area, unlimited mini-golf and your own food, drink and decorations.

Outdoor Programs

Environmental Interpretive Series: Dragonflies of Northern Virginia

Dragonflies are insects with two very different life stages. The larval stage, often called a nymph or naiad, is aquatic and breathes through gills. The colorful, winged adult is what most of us picture when we think of dragonflies. Both stages are voracious predators of many small creatures, especially insects like gnats and mosquitoes. Many dragonflies hunt over open fields, pathways, and even parking lots, but all need water to breed. The number of dragonfly species you see will depend on the quality of the park’s streams, ponds and other wetlands. You can help conserve the dragonflies of this park by protecting the quality of its watershed.

Environmental Education

algonkian twilight


Anglers, boaters and canoeists will enjoy Algonkian Regional Park's picturesque views featuring bald eagles, hawks, turkeys, river otters and other wildlife.

Boaters should note that water levels of the Potomac River fluctuate and contain underwater obstructions and swift currents. Fishing licenses are required. Overnight boating, swimming and wading are prohibited. The park closes at sunset.


Hiking Trails

Algonkian Regional Park boasts a variety of trails within the park, including accessible, paved trails, hiking trails, and the "Dr. Ira Gabrielson” trail, where horses are welcome.The official start to the Ira Gabrielson Trail can be found near the middle of the park itself, just beyond the open picnic shelter area before the park’s Riverfront Cottages. 


Picnic Shelters

Algonkian Regional Park offers rental picnic shelters perfect for picnics with family, friends and coworkers. Picnic shelters include tables and grills. Large shelters may only be rented for the day. Other shelters are available for rent during three time periods; 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., 3:30 p.m. to an hour before sunset, or all day. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in all regional parks unless otherwise stated.


algonkian playground


Algonkian has a large playground suitable for kids of all ages. Located centrally in the park, the playground features slides, stair cases and a large swing set, over a sandy area.


Riverfront Cottages

Algonkian’s riverfront cottages are perfect for families staying in the area, golfers making the rounds of the local courses, business groups hosted at The Woodlands or wedding guests who don’t want a long drive after the reception. Cottages range in size from 2 Bedrooms to 5 Bedrooms, accommodating up to 10 guests. These beautiful facilities offer all the amenities of home with fully furnished rooms, private kitchens, private parking, scenic decks, and a delightful view of the Potomac River. Four bedroom deluxe models include additional comforts such as hot tubs.


matt felperin

Roving Naturalist Program

NOVA Parks is pleased to offer a nature interpretation program designed to connect the citizens of northern Virginia with the natural world in our parks. Through guided nature walks, hikes, canoe and kayak tours, night explorations, stream and pond studies, and live animal programs, participants gain the opportunity to discover our native flora and fauna in a safe and fun environment. Programs are catered to kids, adults, and anyone interested in the natural world.


Outdoor Programs

Can you conquer Climb UPton?

Climb UPton—the largest ropes course in the Mid-Atlantic— is NOW OPEN DAILY! Climb UPton offers 90 different elements and three levels of difficulty.

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