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Group Programs

Pending availability, Roving Naturalist public program offerings can also be booked on another date as a group program if your group size exceeds 50% of the roster capacity. This includes kayak tours, themed hikes, astronomy programs, owl prowls, photography workshops, and more. Contact the roving naturalist at for availability.

Our Roving Naturalist offers programs at many of the NOVA Parks in Northern Virgina for scout groups including themed hikes, live animal presentations, and nature photography instruction.  Programs can be tailored to meet many different badge requirements.  Please note that programs are easier to arrange several months in advance.

  Price (10 scouts or less) Price per scout (11 or more scouts)

1 Hour




$7.00 per scout

1 1/2 Hours


$10.00 per scout


Our Roving Naturalist Program offers outreach and field trips to public and private schools for all grades to take place only at NOVA Parks facilities. Our experienced naturalist offers many opportunities for students and teachers to learn through hands-on exploration, interpretative slideshows, live animal presentations, nature walks, and guided kayak tours. All school programs can be tailored to meet Virginia Science Standards of Learning. Rates are dependent on factors such as group size, program selection, and jurisdiction. Please call or email for more information on topics and fees. mfelperin@nvrpa.org703.268.6064