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Fountainhead Regional Park

Mountain Bike Trail

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Fountainhead offers one of the area’s best and most well-known mountain bike trails. The trail is a single use series of loops that feature multiple short, steep climbs and several fast descents. The trail, including all its various loops and routes, is nearly 15 miles long. It features a green beginner loop of about 3 miles, an intermediate loop and an advanced loop. The advanced loop starts with an entrance that opens with a steep incline, artfully placed rock step ups and a wooden hairpin turn. 

Other features include 3 drops, multiple rock gardens going up and downhill and various jumps. The black loop will keep your heart pounding from both hard short climbs and thrilling descents. The series of loops is designed for clockwise traffic.

The trailhead is clearly visible from the parking lot, 0.6 mile from the park entrance. Please be aware that it is easy to pick up significant speed on all sections, even beginner and intermediate loop, so please ride with caution, especially your first time out, helmets are required.

The mountainbike trail is open year round weather permitting. Fountainhead is closed after dark. For trail status, call 703-250-9124 option 1 or follow us on Facebook

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