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Beaverdam Reservoir


Public Notice – The information provided below will be updated when Reservoir Park is opened to the public.

What time does the park open and close?

A. The park will open with parking and water access at Mt. Hope Road on Monday, April 1, 2024. Hours of operation for the park are sunrise to sunset.    

B. Gates will close and be locked at sunset daily. For the safety of our guests, we ask that all visitors return to shore and exit the trails and parking areas at sunset. Please refer to the posted closure time or search the web for the local sunset time.

Where can I park to access the trails?

A. Trails can be accessed at the Mt. Hope Road Parking lot as well as Reservoir Road.  Trail access is also available through Loudoun County Parks, Recreation and Community Services’ Edgar Tillet Park with the trailhead located behind the ball fields.  Please see below for current trail restrictions. 

Are there any restricted areas on the water or on the trails? 

A. For the safety of our guests, Beaverdam Reservoir currently has the following restricted areas. 

  1. First, Reservoir Park is still an active construction site with heavy equipment, therefore it is unsafe for pedestrians and motorists to enter the new park site by land or by water.  This restriction will be lifted once Reservoir Park is open to the public.
  2. The secondary water restriction is near the dam.  This is a restricted area around the dam, spillway and inlet control tower which extends 400’ southward from the dam. This restriction will remain in place. 
  3. The trail system heading south of the Mt. Hope trailhead is currently closed to the public as this remains an active construction site.

Can I ride my bike on the trails?  Are horses permitted on the trails? 

A. Because of the focus on water quality as a raw drinking water source, equine use of the trails is not permitted.

B. Currently, much of the trail system is single-track, natural surface trails.  Trails are currently open to pedestrian traffic only. Reservoir Park, when open to the public will support both pedestrian traffic and some general bike access based on location and trail type. 

How do I access the water at Beaverdam Reservoir?

A. The current launch point is at the end of Mt. Hope Road in Ashburn, VA.  Secondary, overflow launch access is available at the end of Reservoir Road.  When opened to the public, Reservoir Park will serve as the main launch point for water access and boat rentals. Both the Mt. Hope Road access point and Reservoir Road access point will also remain available. 

Where can I park to access the launch area?

A. Currently, parking is only permitted inside the park gate at the end of Mt. Hope Road. 

B. The grass shoulder along Mt. Hope Road and the church parking lot are private property and are not designated parking areas for Beaverdam Reservoir.

C.  Parking is limited at the Mt. Hope Road launch point and can become congested on the weekends so please plan your trip accordingly.

Do I have to pay a fee to launch?

A.  Launch fees are required for each vessel that is launched. The cash-only drop box is located at the launch sites with instructions.  Please visit the Boating Things To Do section of the webpage for pricing.

B.  Annual shore launch passes are currently available online for purchase and pickup at Brambleton Golf Course.  They may also be purchased directly through the Brambleton Golf Course Pro Shop.  Please see Boating Things To Do section of the webpage for pricing.

What am I allowed to launch at Beaverdam Reservoir?

A.  Beaverdam Reservoir, owned by Loudoun Water is a drinking water source for Loudoun County so only non-motorized vessels are permitted to be launched.

B.  Guests can bring non-gas, car-top launch vessels during daylight hours including kayaks, canoes, hand-carried boats, and stand-up paddleboards.  Small electric motors are permitted. No trailer launching is permitted as Beaverdam Reservoir does not have a launch ramp or available trailer parking.

C.  Only inflatable boats with three (3) or more chambers may be launched at shoreline launch areas. 

D.  Tow behind inflatable rafts are not permitted. 

Is there an age restriction to be on the water?

A.  All persons under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a person 18 years of age or older.

Do I need to wear a lifejacket? 

A. It is recommended that all persons on the water wear a US Coast Guard-approved type I, II, III hybrid inflatable or V personal floatation device in serviceable condition. At a minimum, there must be one wearable U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket for each person on a boat. This includes all boats including paddle craft (canoes, kayaks, and stand-up paddleboards). Children 13 years of age and under are required to wear a Coast Guard-approved life jacket when underway on any boat. Virginia’s DWR Conservation Officers patrol the reservoir frequently to monitor compliance. 

Can I swim in the reservoir?

A. Swimming, bathing, or wading in the Beaverdam Reservoir is prohibited.  In addition, domestic animals are not permitted to enter the water of Beaverdam Reservoir.

Can I fish at Beaverdam Reservoir?

A. Fishing is permitted at Beaverdam Reservoir in designated areas and is regulated by the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources (DWR).  DWR law requires a valid freshwater fishing license for anyone 16 years or older, unless an individual is exempt.  Please refer to the Virginia DWR website for complete rules and regulations.   

B.  No access or fishing is permitted in the areas marked around the dam.  Fishing is permitted on water, and from shore in designated areas.  Certain restrictions will apply for areas within Reservoir Park when open for public use.   

Can I picnic at Beaverdam Reservoir?

A. When opened, Reservoir Park will have 4 picnic pavilions that will be available through NOVA Parks' reservation system for an established fee.   

B.  Reservoir Park does not offer first come, first serve picnic areas for groups to gather and picnic.  Grills, tables and chairs intended for group picnic gatherings are not permitted.  Guests are welcome to bring a snack or lunch but please help keep the park clean by disposing of trash in the nearest trash receptacle or taking any trash brought into the park with you as you leave.

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