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Beaverdam Reservoir



Beaverdam sunset

Beaverdam Reservoir, owned by Loudoun Water, is first and foremost a source of public drinking water. Until then the property is open to public access at 42400 Mt. Hope Road Ashburn, VA 20148, March through November.

For more information, visit Loudoun Water's Beaverdam Reservoir page.

Loudoun Water  


Rules & Regulations

Lifejackets are required on the Beaverdam Reservoir. Typical pool floats or tow behind rafts are not permitted. Launching at Beaverdam is from shore only (no trailer, non gasoline powered carried craft only). It requires a small fee of $7 for residents within NOVA Parks jurisdiction, $9 out of jurisdiction. Annual Shore Launch passes are available for purchase at Brambleton Golf Course for $65 for residents within NOVA Parks jurisdiction and $100 out of jurisdiction.

  • Beaverdam Reservoir is open for public access from dawn to dusk.  Access gate will be closed promptly at dusk.
  • Trespassing in the restricted area around the dam, spillway, inlet control tower, outlet structure, pump station, or other ancillary facility is strictly prohibited.  Reference the reservoir map for the location of the restricted area.  
  • Swimming, bathing or wading in the Beaverdam Reservoir is prohibited.
  • Persons fishing in the Beaverdam Reservoir shall comply with Virginia state game laws and all special conditions established by NOVA Parks.
  • No person shall in any manner dispose or place at, on or in Beaverdam Reservoir any garbage, waste, bottles, cans, oil, glass or other unsightly or unsanitary material.
  • Patrons may only enter the property at designated entry points.
  • No hunting, camping or fires are permitted.
  • Alcoholic Beverages are prohibited.
  • Please clean up after your pet.  Pets must remain on a leash and under a person’s control at all times.  Domestic animals are not permitted in Beaverdam Reservoir.
  • Conduct that may endanger the welfare of any person is strictly prohibited.

To report an emergency, call 911.  To report suspicious activity, please call the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency number 703-777-1021.  NOVA Parks staff may be contacted by calling 703-327-3403.

Boating Rules & Regulations

  • Boats shall not enter the restricted area around the dam, spillway, or inlet control tower, which extends 400’ southward from the dam.  Reference the reservoir map for the location of the restricted area.
  • No vessel shall be launched that is powered by an internal combustion engine (gasoline), only electric or manually powered vessels are permitted. This applies to personal watercraft (e.g. Jet Ski) as well.
  • Shore launching only. The use of trailers to launch is not permitted.
  • The launch, docking and retrieval of all watercraft shall be permitted only at designated boat ramps or docks, and is subject to a launch fee.
  • No person shall moor a boat to any buoy or other man-made structure other than a dock built specifically for mooring.
  • While boating, you may encounter unmarked shallow areas and submerged obstacles. Please be observant and use caution.
  • All persons boating on the Beaverdam Reservoir shall wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved type I, II, III, III hybrid inflatable or V personal floatation device in serviceable condition.
               * Only inflatable boats with three (3) or more chambers may be launched at shoreline launch areas.
  • No person shall operate a vessel in a reckless manner.
  • All persons under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a person 18 years of age or older in order to boat on the Beaverdam Reservoir.
  • All boats and water contact equipment must be thoroughly cleaned prior to entering the Beaverdam Reservoir to prevent the introduction of non-native aquatic species.

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