NOVA Parks Service Principle

It is important to understand that NOVA Parks will be operating under a safety-first model vs a service model for the foreseeable future. While we look forward to reopening our parks, we want to do this as safely as possible for our staff and our customers public.  What this means is that things will not feel or operate as they have in the past. The opening of our parks and facilities will be done in a phased approach and may include limited service capacity, reduced staff, hours of operation or available services. As we reopen and allow people to enjoy the parks our goal will be to do so in a calm, orderly and safe fashion. 

We will continue to monitor the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website and information from federal, state, and local officials on how to protect our customers and employees and will continue to adapt and adjust accordingly. 

What we will ask of our customers

  • To read all signage and follow our staff’s instructions to help us keep the parks open.
  • To remain patient with us while we work to serve you safely.
  • To social distance while on the property, including the parking lot.
  • Not to gather in groups at any time or anywhere on the property.
  • To wear a face covering if possible.
  • To understand that some buildings and restroom access may be restricted or not available. 
  • To enjoy your time with friends and family.
  • To try to relax and have some fun and enjoy being outside.