Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is your park office located?

  • The park office is located within the golf course pro shop on the right side of the building.

2. Are there grills in the park that we can use for a picnic?

  • Algonkian Regional Park does not provide grills for daily use, with the exception of our rental shelters, which come equipped with charcoal grills. Guests visiting the park for the day are allowed to bring their own charcoal or propane grills. Please deposit all hot coals in a designated coal ring. We do not assist in the disposal of empty propane tanks. Ground fires are strictly prohibited in the park.

3. Can I rent a kayak/canoe at Algonkian?

  • We do not offer any boat rentals. Guests are encouraged to bring their own vehicles and pay a daily launch fee, or purchase an annual launch pass.

4. What are the rules regarding pets in the park?

  • All pets are required to be on leash and under the control of their owner/handler. Please clean up after your pet and dispose of any waste in the provided trash cans.

5. Can I park and/or camp overnight in the park?

  • There is no overnight camping or parking permitted at Algonkian.

6. Can I fish the Potomac from the park?

  • Fishing is permitted from the riverbank. A Virginia or Maryland fishing license is required to fish in the Potomac from the park. These fishing licenses are not available for purchase at the park.

7. Can I put up a tent for my picnic?

  • Canopy tents are allowed, but may not exceed a size of 10’ x 10’. Remember, a group of 75 people or more requires a shelter reservation to gather in the park.

8. Are there any volunteer opportunities available at Algonkian?

  • Absolutely! We have many opportunities to assist with park cleanliness, whether it is through individual community service, or through organized clean-up events. Call the park office for more information.

9. I see Algonkian Regional Park offers boat/RV storage. How can I sign up for that?

10. What time does the park open/close?

  • The park opens at sunrise and closes at dark. This varies by time of year, so be sure to check sunrise/sunset times before you visit!