60th Anniversary

2019 has been a big year for NOVA Parks, our 60th Anniversary. In addition to creating some of the most iconic parks and places in our region, in many ways NOVA Parks helped create what we know as Northern Virginia today. As one of the first regional organizations, we helped build the identity of Northern Virginia as a unified region.

This year, we have turned out 52 stories, a throwback for every week in the year. As the last of those throwbacks, let’s look at this series and what they say about our past, and what NOVA Parks will be in the future.

Our series this year created 2,775 reactions, 169 comments, 231 shares, and 4,454 link clicks! That is a lot of engagement! Which of these 52 stories got the most reactions?

  • The Power Plant that never was – Story of plans for the site that is now Algonkian Park
  • A Very Historic Mill – Story of Aldie Mill
  • Row Your Boat – Story of the creation of Sandy Run crew facility
  • A Race For Champions – The use of the W&OD for a wheelchair race series in the 1980s
  • NOVA Parks 50 Years Ago – Looking back at the decisions made in 1969
  • Get the People Moving – The story of the first 1.5 miles of the W&OD
  • Aquarama – An innovative waterskiing show at Pohick Bay in the early 1980s
  • Building For What People Want – The story of the creation of Fountainhead Park
  • Civil Rights Park – The story of Tinner Hill Historic Site
  • The River Crossing That Became A Park – The story of Whites Ford

What we have learned from this is that people love their regional parks! And they love the stories of inclusion, historic preservation and nature conservation that go with this saga of building one of the best regional park systems in the country.

But the story is not over… In the years and decades ahead we will continue to grow and develop this remarkable system of regional parks. With the close of the year, our attention turns to the future and, with that, let’s look at a video about what lies ahead for NOVA Parks.


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