Join the Friends of Cameron Run!

The ‘Friends of Cameron Run’ were initiated in mid-June as a result of the lease from the City of Alexandria to NOVA Parks to run the waterparks not being renewed.

NOVA Parks has been seeking a lease extension from the City since 2012. In June of 2016, the lease finally made it to City Council for a vote. Opposition from some in the athletic community who are eager to see more ballfields, even at the cost of losing an enormously popular waterpark, resulted in a deferral on voting on the lease. In June, over 200 fans and enthusiasts of the waterpark sent messages in support of the lease.

As a result of the opposition against the waterpark, people started signing up to help support a long-term lease to NOVA Parks, to assure a future for Great Waves Waterpark. In the two months that followed, over two thousand people signed up to become members of ‘Friends of Cameron Run.’

If you would like to support the effort to have Cameron Run/Great Waves continue in the future, please sign up and join the Friends of Cameron Run.  You will be kept informed of the progress towards a long-term lease and ways you can help.