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Washington and Old Dominion Railroad Regional Park

Safety Guidelines

Use of Electronic Conveyance

W&OD safety guidelines graphic

First Prepare

  • Wear a safety helmet when riding
  • Use the trail with a friend
  • Stretch before and after exercising
  • Wear gloves and kneepads to prevent injury
  • Plan your W&OD trip with weather and your 
  • physical abilities in mind
  • Carry water and high-energy snacks when 
  • traveling long distances
  • Know how your equipment works and 
  • how to make simple repairs. Carry a repair kit
  • Carry a map. Always know where you are
  • Wear a hat and sunblock

Be Aware

  • Always travel to the right of the center line
  • Travel slowly when the trail is congested
  • Slow down and use caution when approaching or overtaking other trail users
  • Be sure to look for trail users approaching from the opposite direction before passing
  • Abide by all posted trail and stop signs
  • Be alert to changing trail conditions
  • Do not approach wildlife; obtain permission from pet and horse owners before approaching
  • Cross roads only at designated crossings; stop and look both ways before crossing
  • Headphone use, while not recommended, should be with one ear bud and at low volume

Show You Care

  • Be courteous to other trail users
  • Self-monitor and control your speed; faster users always yield to slower users
  • Give a clear, polite signal with voice, bell or horn at least 2-3 seconds before passing
  • Allow maximum distance between you and other trail users when passing
  • Horses, then pedestrians, have the right-of-way, cyclists must yield to both
  • Children, animals and other trail users may act unpredictably, pass with care
  • Keep pets on a short leash and under control at all times, the best place for pets is on the right shoulder of the trail, next to their owner
  • Do not block the trail when stopped, move all equipment to the side away from traffic
  • Do not stop on or fish from bridges
  • Report all dangerous trail situations or maintenance needs to  the trail office at (703) 729-0596

Report all dangerous trail situations or maintenance needs to the trail office at (703) 729-0596.

For emergencies call 911.