Seneca Woods Sunrise Fall Colors Hike

Oct 25
7:00am to 9:00am

Join naturalists Keith Tomlinson and Matt Felperin for a sunrise hike at Seneca Regional Park during the peak of color for fall foliage! Discover one of the region’s most beautiful and least known woodlands along the Potomac River. Steep ravines, meandering stream beds and towing beech trees are found along a series of shaded trails. 

The following topics will be discussed at various points along the hike:

-Identification of various hardwood trees including Beech, several Oaks, blackgum, hickories, redbuds, dogwood, sycamore, Iron wood, ash etc. with notes on distribution and soil preference in the forest.

-The biology of the color change in eastern deciduous forests.

-Identification of several herbaceous plants with a focus on different ferns and their life cycle.

-Geology of underlying strata with particular reference to the western most outcrops of the Metagraywacke rocks that make up the lower Potomac Gorge.

-Native peoples of the region and their use of various forest plants for food, fiber, housing and medicine. (ethnobotany)

-History of the George Washington Canal ruins along the river.

-Current land use patterns and the introduction of “islands in an urban sea” along the course of the Lower Potomac Basin.

Please bring a personal facemask, proper footwear, water, and snacks for this hike; we will be covering roughly 3 miles of hilly terrain. $8, Ages 10+