Darn Good Music Festival

May 15 to May 16
12:00pm to 9:00pm
Darn Good Music Festival

Coming May 15 to 16, 2021 to the Bull Run Special Events Center!

We’ve all attended one of those music festivals with 60,000 fans, which meant that a “good spot” was a quarter mile away from the stage, lines were long, and half the day was spent deciding which band / stage to be at.

The Darn Good Music Festival IS NOT one of those festivals.

We’ve intentionally capped our attendees to 10,000 each day. That way every spot in our venue is within view of stage; not a relay tower. Lines are short and efficient so you can quickly get back to the activities you came for. All stages are staggered so you won’t have to choose which performances to miss. You’ll get to see them all! As one act finishes, another is starting, and the distance from one to the other is a quick shift.

That’s what the Darn Good Festival is all about. Providing an experience first festival that was truly built by fans for fans.

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