Beaverdam Reservoir Update - October 2019

October 2019
The Beaverdam spillway renovation project was completed in June of 2019.  With the dry weather the reservoir has not yet reached an adequate level to safely allow people back on the water.  At this time there is no exact timeframe for re-opening.
Loudoun Water and NOVA Parks continue to work on the design of the new park under the timeline below.

March 2019
With the Beaverdam spillway renovation project nearing completion, Loudoun Water and NOVA Parks expect to allow recreational activities on the water at Beaverdam Reservoir this summer. However, the exact timeframe for re-opening is unclear at this point due to construction delays. Record-setting rainfall over the last year has impacted the original schedule.

The dam embankment needs to be completed prior to refilling the reservoir, and presently the fill material at the site that will be used to construct the embankment is too wet to place and compact.  We are hopeful that weather conditions improve to help dry the material so it can be used for construction.

Once the embankment area is complete, we can begin refilling the reservoir. At that point, we will have a more definitive timeframe for safely allowing people back on the water.

Remainder of 2019 and into early 2020 – Reservoir Park design work
Spring of 2020: Estimated to begin Reservoir Park construction
Spring of 2021: Estimated Reservoir Park construction completion and opening