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Aldie Mill Virtual Field Trips

Aldie Mill Virtual Field Trip

Aldie Mill has collaborated with The Great Courses to create a distance-learning product that takes advantage of new 3D, volumetric photography and marries it with highly-produced educational video.

The result of this is a “virtual” field trip at Aldie Mill that does NOT require VR heasdsets. You can still visit Aldie MIll without ever leaving the comfort of your living rooms!  


Click Here to access: The Aldie Mill Virtual Field Trips

It’s a product that can be used on laptops, desktops, tablets, even phones. – anywhere that has internet access. It’s aimed at a variety of grade levels, but most of the content can be consumed by anywhere from 2nd graders through 12th graders. It’s a “virtual” field trip that allows students to digitally roam around freely, exploring a working 19th-century gristmill and watching videos that feature the same information that you would learn if you were actually on a field trip at Aldie Mill.

There are three official trips you can take:

  • The History of Aldie Mill
  • Simple Machines: How Aldie Mill Works
  • Aldie Mill: Eyewitness to the Civil War

Total content is about 1.5 hours of video.