Algonkian Course Conditions

The Staff and Golf Course Superintendent at Algonkian Golf Course want to provide you some information and an update on current playing conditions.

The Challenge: After one of the coldest winters in many years, the course has experienced some grow-in issues on several of our fairways. While this has not affected the entire course, it is significant enough that we need to share this information with you, our valued customers, and to also let you know what we are doing to address this issue.  

What does this mean for course conditions: The Bermuda grass, which normally provides a lush, thick playing surface, suffered damage during the cold winter. The greens and tees are in great shape, but some fairways suffered some winter kill. We are addressing the most affected areas with new sod and the sprigging in of new grass. These areas will take several weeks to regenerate and recover. Most damage that was suffered was less severe. In these areas, the fairways look and play a little more “thin” than they normally would. The good news is, Bermuda grass is beastly in how it grows once consistent warm weather hits. We expect these areas to fill in quickly over the next 3-4 weeks, returning most of the course to outstanding playing conditions.  

Our Pledge: Please know we are working hard to address this and we understand that these conditions are not ideal, and we ask for your patience as we work to recover the affected areas. We have adjusted our rates to reflect the less than ideal conditions and we hope you will still consider visiting the course. We will provide updates on conditions as they improve through our website and social media. Please stay in touch for those updates. Once our remedies take full effect, we are confident conditions will be great once again. Thank you for your understanding.